Taking Payments

Pay via Cash or Credit

Accordingly, you can click the Cash Or Credit button at the bottom left. If you click Credit, you will need to swipe the card on the payment terminal, enter the amount to be paid and click Yes to confirm the payment amount. In this example, we have chosen to pay through cash.

A popup screen will open confirming the amount to be paid. Click Yes and take the payment in cash from the customer.

You can select No if a customer wants to add more items to the order.

Once you confirm the payment, you will be prompted to print the receipts (merchant copy or customer or both).
  • Click Merchant Copy or Customer Copy if you want to print a single receipt.
  • Click Print Both Copies to print both the Merchant and Customer copy.
  • Additionally, you can also send the receipts over an email or text. To do that, enter the customer’s phone number and email address in the respective field boxes and click Send.
  • Click No Thanks at the bottom, if you don’t want to print or send the receipts.