Employee Management

Adding a new employee

To add a new employee, go to the left navigation, tap on Employee and click sign on the top right corner. 

Click the Information tab and fill in the Employee details like:

  1. Name
  2. Phone number
  3. Email etc.

Click Generate PIN to create a new login pin for this employee. Select the Service area and Landing area, s/he is working in. Under the Assigned Role field, select the Default Role for an employee if this employee has multiple roles and click .

To input information with regards to payroll, click Payroll Info tab and put the information under all field boxes. Click Save, once you are done with all the settings.

Giving portal access to an existing employee

If you want to provide portal access to any existing employee click the Access Management tab on the top as shown in the screenshot.

On the Access Management screen, scroll down to locate the Portal Access section and select/deselect the permissions based on the employee’s role in an organization.

Finally, click the as shown in the screenshot.