Bar Service Restaurants


How to start an order at the Bar?

To start an order at the bar, first tap on the “Bar Tab” Service Area.
Now tap the button.
A new screen will appear. Simply swipe the Credit Card to open the tab at the Bar.

Alternatively, you can also enter the tab name and then press Done to open the tab at the bar without using a credit card.

How to merge table order and bar tabs?

Sometimes you have a guest who opened a bar tab and a table order at the same time. Vivid POS saves the servers the headache of figuring out a new bill! Just easily merge the tab and table order using these simple steps!

For instance, a guest already has a table and has also opened a Bar tab. First, let’s start by opening the Bar tab service area and selecting their open bar tab.

Press and hold the Order tab that you want to merge with the table orders.

In this example we have press and hold the tab #34. A new pop-up will appear. Click the Transfer button.

The new screen will open, choose the order number with which you want to merge the bar tab #34.

This is how the new Order Screen  will appear.

The bar items will be merged with the Table orders as seen in the screenshot.

How to open a tab on the existing table?

Is your guest requesting to open a Bar tab on the existing table? No worries! Vivid POS gives you this option as well. Instead of running back to the bar, simply open a tab on the table using the steps below!

Just after the guests take a seat, ask them if they’d like to start a Bar tab. If they say Yes, then long press on the table number and click Start tab on the next screen. Let’s understand this with an example.

The guests at table #1 wants to start a bar tab. So we long pressed the table #1 to explore the further options. 

Here are the list of options you will see after long press on any table. 

On the top, you will see the table #, for which you are starting the bar tab.

Now, just click the Start Tab option.

Tap on the credit card button and click Done.

How to enable tabs on tables?

If you’re unable to complete the above steps, you may need to activate the configuration – Enable Start Tab for Table.

Open the left navigation by tapping the hamburger icon on the top left.

Click Settings on the left navigation menu as shown in the screenshot.

Next, select the Core POS option and tap on Basic Configurations.

Finally, scroll or search for Enable Start Tab for Table and make sure the toggle is switched ON. Now close and re-open your app, to start enjoying this feature!