Adding Tips


In this example, we have assumed that the guest with order #62 has paid the due amount, gave you a tip, and left the restaurant. Now you have to add that tip to order #62. Let us see how we can do this.

  • Refer to the screenshot, click the Left Navigation button.
  • Click the Orders button on the left.
  • Click the Closed Orders button at the bottom.
  • In this example, we want to add tip to order #62 so we tapped on 62 under the Order# column. In your case, you should click the order number to which you want to apply the tip.
  • Click the Tip button at the bottom navigation bar.
  • Enter the tip amount that customer gave you under the Cash Tip field. In this example, we have assumed the guest gave you a $3 tip.
  • Add it to the field and click the Apply button on the top right.

Once done, you can see the $3.00 tip amount has been added to the order#62.