How to take Delivery orders?

Open the POS app, go to the Service Area and click the Delivery tab at the bottom as seen in the screenshot.

Click the button to take a new delivery order.
Enter the delivery information – phone number, full name, delivery address, and click

How to set a Delivery Radius?

Login to the backend portal. Click the left navigation button and tap on Configuration.

On the left side panel, click Core POS and select Basic Configuration from the drown-down list.

Search Delivery location radius and set the distance that how far you will deliver.

How to view pending deliveries?

Click the left navigation bar and tap on the Service Area.

Click the Delivery tab at the bottom. The list of pending deliveries will appear on the screen. 

Tap on the delivery orders that you want to assign to the drivers for delivery.

How to assign drivers to deliver an order?

Click the left navigation bar and select the Delivery Order from the left panel.

Click the Delivery Orders button at the bottom, select the order, choose driver and click Assign.